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Class of 10/5/14

posted Oct 5, 2014, 5:33 PM by Padmaja Suresh   [ updated Oct 5, 2014, 7:25 PM ]
Group 6A

Rahul uncle taught us a beautiful new aarti for Ganesha.  "Sukh Karta Dukh Harta.." is a very popular Marathi song.  Thanks Rahul uncle for teaching this song. 

We would like for you all to practice it and memorize it. This could possibly be our song for Diwali program at the temple. 

The pdf for the lyrics and an mp3 for you to listen to are uploaded here.
Make sure to listen to it and practice it.

Homework for this week is for you to print the lyrics and bring it along for next class,

Group 7A

Today in class we practiced "Jaya Jaya He".. I can see that it is getting better after each practice.
Some of you said that the song was difficult...I want to give it some time and practice before we give up on it.

It is a very nice song but challenging. I am sure with some practice we will get it. I was hoping for group 7 to perform for Diwali at the temple. If we dont get it by next class or two, we will change the song.

Knowing how good you were last year, I think you will get it. So, please try to practice. Take your parent's help if necessary. 

Click on the link below for the lyrics and audio.